Kyle Clarke is a former U.S. Army Captain turned fitness cover model, who is now one of the leading stars of the new reality hit show What Happens At The Abbey. Kyle has appeared on the cover of over 50 national and international fitness magazines, including Muscle & Fitness, Fitness RX, Iron Man magazine (with his father), and many more. He has also been the face and sponsored athlete for a multi-million- dollar supplement company, MRI Performance, for 8 years.

Kyle has appeared on billboards all over the country for being selected as the face of the hit video game RAGE, which won “Best Console Game” and “Action Game” at the Game Critics Awards of E3, along with many other accolades. He can also be seen on television on the show Shameless, and in many national commercials including Gillette, McDonalds, Michelob Ultra, Party City, etc. He has worked on several films, including a feature on Transformers 3, a co-star role on Mansion of Blood (with Gary Busey), leading role in Playing With Dolls 3, and has starred in several short films. His goals include becoming a respected actor with an emphasis in action roles, continuing to lead by example in the fitness industry, help others achieve their goals and reach their potential, and work closely with charities involving children, animals, and cancer.


Kyle Clarke was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, and started playing sports year-around at the age of 5. He was always the smallest player on the team and felt his size held him back from reaching his full potential. He looked up to the guys on the covers of fitness magazines because they seemed to be the best in their sport, and had the physique to back it up. He quickly found the weight room and fell in love immediately.

Since the age of 15, Kyle hasn’t taken more than 2 weeks off from the gym except due to injuries including a broken collarbone from bull riding, a broken arm from snowboarding, and a few other pulled hamstrings and broken bones from baseball, kickboxing, and ice hockey.

Kyle graduated Salutatorian from Chaparral HS in Las Vegas and received a full-ride scholarship from the U.S. Army, to attend Washington University in St. Louis, MO. (which is ranked #14 in the nation). He received his Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering. Kyle served our country as a Combat Engineer Officer in the Army for five years and was stationed in Missouri, Georgia, South Korea, Washington, and California.

He served as Senior Battalion Intelligence Officer, Engineer Company Commander, Land Development Engineer, Executive Officer to a Regimental Headquarters, and Company Commander of a Cavalry Unit.